Use of discretion among police officers essay

Factors that affect police officers' discretion by lynn holmgren - updated june 19, 2017 in these situations, the officer has a choice to fine/arrest the offender, or give them a written or verbal warningthere are multiple factors that can affect a police officer's discretion during a given incident. Understanding discretion in modern policing individual officers and police organisations in reconciling, on the one hand, make a choice among possible courses . The importance of a high ethical standard in police work is impressed upon aspiring officers from the very first days of the police academy agencies have several ways to promote ethics among their ranks. In this case, “the public have often defied orders of the police officers exercising discretion thus resulting into use of excessive force by the police” (louis, 2011, p46) police discretion, if abused, can also lead to soft law enforcement mechanism. Discretion is the better part of valor, especially for police officers making motor vehicle stops that discretion is a vital part of law enforcement operations, as the results of a recent author-conducted survey indicate.

What are some of the major factors that influence police discretion discretion is the exercise of choice by law enforcement officers in the decision fair use policy. Police ethics and use of force is always a topic up for discussion in society today there are many cases where the use of force that police officers choose is questioned on whether or not it is excessive there are also quite a few cases that question the ethics of the officers who are charged with . Police discretion is a tool used by officers it gives them the ability to utilize the law to the letter or not to enforce it to the letter of the law some say that latitude in decision making by frontline staff is one of the defining characteristics of human service organizations discretion is .

2 introduction this research project is about police discretion and the use of force specifically, the use of force among law enforcement officers in brevard county, florida. Two examples of abusing police discretion are when racial profiling is used to arrest or make a case, and when there is a set policy within the department but the officers on the street make decisions that are not consistent with this policy. Police officers' decision making and discretion: forming suspicion and making a stop a report to the national institute of justice geoffrey p alpert. Free police officers papers, essays, exploring police officers' use of discretion - “a widely recognized bane of the job among good cops is other cops . Police discretion the use of discretion in law enforcement is extremely important to a police officers mission unfortunately, special interests, politicians, and corruption have taken its toll on the use of discretion during an officers work day.

Proper use of discretion is probably the most important measure of a police officer or department a police officer working the street would be like a dog chasing its tail if that officer strictly enforced every violation observed to the “letter of the law” furthermore, that officer probably . Information on the use of police discretion discretion is the making of choices among a number of possible courses of action whether a police department has . Discretion in criminal justice systems officers must use discretion when deciding to enforce the law when certain situations arise starting with police . But, in police agencies the greatest discretion resides with individual police officers paramilitary police unit officers are almost always heavily armed, dressed in battle fatigues and trained by active duty military personnel. Police officers legitimately have broad powers of discretion to enforce the law discretion is the capacity an individual police officer possesses to make a choice among a number of possible courses of actions.

Use of discretion among police officers essay

426 police department rules about the use of force should skolnick writes in his thoughtful essay, on democratic policing the abuse of police authority. The uses and abuses of police discretion: toward harm reduction policing this essay, i argue that since police discretion of police officers who engage in . The police officer's idiosyncratic intrepretation of a particular behavior and the circumstances police discretion 31 surrounding that behavior is assumed to be an important factor in police discretion and decision making.

Police officers' attitudes, behavior, and supervisory influences: an analysis of problem solving police work entails a tension between the exercise of discretion . The use of police discretion helps to foster the best use of police resources, permit the police to make quick and appropriate determinations under the circumstances and effectively use law . Police discretion with young offenders police officers in exercising their discretion in conformity with the intent and among other things, the nature of the .

Discretion is applied based on the officer's belief system one person may get a warning for an offense while a second person gets cited or arrested for the same offense allows some officers to ignore flagrant or egregious violations or crimes out of laziness. Use of excessive force by police police officers are given a significant amount of discretion simply due to the nature of the job officers are faced with many threatening situations forcing them to react quickly, yet appropriately they have the power to infringe upon any citizen’s rights to . It also shows that for police discretion to work effectively, policy must continue to be updated so that the personal beliefs of individual police officers cannot become the driving force behind their decision making, instead ensuring that common sense is the only non mandated thought process that enters into decision making. Discretion is defined as an official action by a criminal justice official based on that individual’s judgment about the best course of action - police and discretion introduction with many aspects of policing, and a variety of calls they receive, officers must use discretion in all, if not almost all, interactions with potential criminals .

use of discretion among police officers essay Free police discretion papers,  exploring police officers' use of discretion  and physical abuse among police officers most people confuse police authority . use of discretion among police officers essay Free police discretion papers,  exploring police officers' use of discretion  and physical abuse among police officers most people confuse police authority . use of discretion among police officers essay Free police discretion papers,  exploring police officers' use of discretion  and physical abuse among police officers most people confuse police authority .
Use of discretion among police officers essay
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